About Us

The Smart Life Care Co-Creation Laboratory is an open innovation center 
established by the Kyushu Institute of Technology and the City of 
Kitakyushu in the Kitakyushu Science and Research Park. Since 2020 it 
has also served as a living laboratory for the Ministry of Health, Labor 
and Welfare's Nursing Care Robot Platform Project.

It is equipped with a bed, walker, wheelchair, simulated bathtub, and 
simulated stairs, and is capable of measuring and analyzing nursing care 
movements using various advanced bio-metric devices, and estimating the 
load placed on the brain when performing arithmetic calculations and 
selecting the best option from multiple options using mobile brain 
activity measurement devices (prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe).

In addition, the workshop has an environment where prototype development 
work can be carried out quickly using a large 3D printer, laser cutter, 
and robot modules, so that idea generation, prototype development, and 
evaluation of its performance can be carried out quickly.

In addition, based on the simulated environment in the workshop and 
demonstration experiments at nursing care facilities, as well as the 
experience of many corporate collaborations, we can provide consultation 
on the collection and analysis of nursing care and medical care big 
data, nursing care IT instructor human resource development, etc.
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